Espace Evolution


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James Baroud‘s recent release of the Espace Evolution adds to the premium range of hard shell roof top tents now available in Australia through Auto Bivouac, Australia’s sole distributor for James Baroud products..

The unique design of the Espace Evolution combines the compact roof profile of the Discovery Evolution with the proven design of the Explorer Evolution and Grand Raid Evolution.

Now with 50cms headroom at the front and 145 cms at the rear the Espace Evolution allows for an adult to sit upright at the rear of the tent, this increases the functionality of the tent. You can have a bit of a stretch or perhaps get changed.

The innovative new raked roof profile also increases air circulation through the tent. The larger doors and windows providing fantastic cross flow ventilation. For extreme conditions ventilation can also be assisted by the solar powered ventilation system, which comes standard on this model.  Remember , that the blades in these vents can be reversed to convert the fan into an extractor, now that’s clever.

Another innovation for the Espace Evolution is fixed storage pockets that run the width of the tent. This feature puts your personal items in easy reach of your sleeping position. The handy ceiling storage net is still a standard feature of this model as well.

The Espace Evolution still retains the ease of opening, taking one person only 8 seconds to erect and 25 seconds to stow. Imagine? At the end of your days travel your accommodation for the night is completely sorted in 8 seconds! You probably couldn’t even unpack a conventional tent from your car in that time.

Using a roof top tent has dramatically increased the available space inside your vehicle. No tent, poles, pegs, airbeds etc etc, even your mattress and bedding travels inside the Espace Evolution, creating even more room inside your vehicle.

Wind tested to 120 km/hr your Espace Evolution provides you with a confidence and security for even the most extreme the weather conditions.

While out competitors struggle to keep pace with our designs only James Baroud hard shell roof top tent offers the renown European build quality and proven test trials in the Paris to Dakar Rallies, so why would you bother with a copy?

Espace Specifications


Wind resistance of the tent when opened: 120 km/hr
Reinforced upper and lower hull with stainless steel fittings
4 x ALKO supporting gas struts
4 x adjustable safety catches to secure closed
2 x built-in aluminium rails to attach the hull onto the roof racks
6 x mounting brackets for attaching to roof bars
Fabric secured to hulls by cable fitted into recessed groove
2 x air inlets with dust proof system
2 x fixing points for the ladder on the hull
1 x aluminium ladder (and storage cover), with sliding action to follow vehicle movement
1 x removable and rechargeable LED torch


Ventilation fan
Capacity 11.6m3/minute
Automatic and silent operation
Vent powered by an integrated solar panel, giving 24 hours battery life between charges
Draws away accumulated heat and avoids condensation build up
Supplied with dual blades allowing vent to function as a fan or extractor


1 x back door with mosquito netting, zipper and Velcro fastening
2 x side doors with mosquito netting and rain awning
Top quality double stitched, aluminised polyester fabric. (6 x ISO ratings)
Stitched-in elastic drawstring around the tent retracts the fabric when stowing
High density foam mattress with zipped cover. ( 3 x ISO ratings)
6 x fabric coatings, reflects the sun rays, anti UV, non perishable, 100% waterproof and breathable
1 x fixed storage pocket across the width of tent
1 x ceiling storage net


2 x auxiliary tail lights
Colour of hull
Thermal insulation, gain up to 6 degrees in winter conditions


5 years guarantee on fabric, hull and mechanism
Traceability with the serial number